Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Days 15 and 17 late check in NANOWRIMO and excerpt

Day fifteen was a measly 77 words so I included it with yesterday (day sixteen), which was also light. The total was 1,226. Yeah, I know...shameful, right? Luckily today I can spend more time than I originally thought. I did read through several articles of research I'd pulled off the internet both days so it was prep for writing.

Anyway, here's the excerpt for today. It's much milder than the others. I suppose that means there can be sweet moments in a scary book. :D

The kitchen smelled of warm, freshly brewed vanilla flavored coffee, bacon, sweet real maple syrup, and pancakes. This morning the sun shone brightly through the only window located over the kitchen sink. Cheerful sounds of young voices chattering joined with the clinking of silverware.

Aislin waited until after breakfast to ask about the wall drawing. She wanted to approach the subject at just the right time and in a way that wouldn’t sound angry. It wouldn’t do to have an argument on the kids’ first full day at the house. However, defacing property was something she and Brian agreed last night must be nicked in the bud. She figured it was a matter of the right time, along with a high dose of tact.

She watched as the three devoured the pancakes and bacon she made. I suppose every kids loves pancakes. She smiled at the thought. Some of the actual good memories she had of her childhood involved that very breakfast in her grandmother’s kitchen back in Boston.

Nana was one of the reasons Aislin talked her husband into applying for the foster care program. She knew what a difference a caring adult could be in the life of an abused child. She was lucky she had a family member willing to step in to take her and her sisters in after her father killed her mother. Both were severe alcoholics.  Many kids, like these eating in her kitchen, weren’t so lucky. Aislin always figured if she could help even one kid to have the wonderful childhood every kid deserves, then she paid it forward. Of course, she had no intention of stopping at one.

“I’m done. Can I go play now?” Taiwo asked.

Aislin looked into his dark brown eyes. “Yes, sweetie. Be sure to wash your hands in case the syrup made them sticky.”

“Okay.” He scooted off the chair and jumped up one stair at a time towards the upstairs bathroom.

I suppose I’ll have to wipe down the railings later, Aislin mused.

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