Saturday, November 14, 2015

Day 14 of NANOWRIMO. Word count check in and excerpt.

You wrote how much?

Yep, today was a marathon of sorts. I completed 4,762 words today. I was shooting for 5,000 so got close. Hopefully I can pull off a repeat performance tomorrow since the rest of the week is looking to be busy with chores and dentist/cancer center/doctor appointments. Yeah, I'm the driver so my hands will be on the steering wheel more than the keyboard. I'll still do what I can get in though. 

There's one minor character I really like. She's a bit witty so it's going to be hard to either kill her or hurt her bad in the name of moving the story forward. 

Here's today's excerpt:

Taiwo peeked his head into the doorway. Inside he saw Abeni standing barefoot in her night dress on top of the mirrored dresser. She had a big magic marker and was drawing long lines on the white wall.

Remembering how Kalika scolded him, back in their family’s home, the time he drew stick figures on the walls, he looked around for her. She was asleep on the bottom bed but was breathing funny…all fast and squeaking.

Crouching down, Taiwo crept up to her.

When his head peeked over the side of the mattress, he noticed his big sister wasn’t asleep after all. Her eyes were wide and shifted from side to side, stopping to rest on him when she noticed him there. She squeaked again.

Oh, she said something, he realized and partially climbed up to get closer. As he did, her facial expression became frantic and her eyes bored into him.

“What did you say?” he whispered in her ear.

She worked her mouth as if pretending to be a fish under water. Then she strained her head forward and in a hoarse, squeaking whisper spoke.


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