Friday, November 13, 2015

Day 13 NANOWRIMO Word count check in and excerpt.

Today I wrote another 2,047 words in Scarification. I had in mind do to a bit more but the scene ended. I don't want to pad it just for the sake of the writing challenge. My total is up to 17,599 so there's some progress. Hopefully over the weekend I can get in some extra time on it. I have a couple of exorcisms to write so do have in mind what's next.

Here's today's short excerpt from the end of the scene:

Detective Bontham and Officer Salazar stood in the yard conversing. Salazar had his Maglite back and was fidgeting with it in his hands, passing it back and forth between them.

Amara escorted Shelby Koniz to her vehicle.

“I’ll ride with you and get you all checked in,” she said. “Then one of those two can bring me back to my car.” She nodded her head towards the detective and officer.


As Amara bent to get inside the passenger’s seat, Shelby grasped her by the biceps.

“Listen,” she whispered to the social worker. “I’ll go to this hotel room with the kids for tonight but only because there will be an officer checking in on us hourly. Tomorrow, I want them out of my house; out of my care.”

“Why?” Amara couldn’t believe it. “They need you.”

“No, you need me but you can find someone else to take them. I don’t want them in my home any more.”

“How could you do that to them?” Amara asked.

“Because I’m afraid.”

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