Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Day 17--NANOWRIMO Reaching the half way mark of the challenge goal and today's excerpt.

She's writing again! Everyone run! Hide!
It's day seventeen and I finally made it past the half-way mark. Woot! I did 3,644 for today which puts the running total up to 27,228. I'm hopeful now that I can actually make the 50,000 words by the end of November. Tomorrow is visit doctors and the hospital day so I'm taking the laptop to see what I can get done in the cafeteria and waiting rooms. 

Here's today's excerpt:

The nails rose into the air and turned with their pointed ends towards Taiwo. His eyes were wide with fear and streaming tears still. He moved his head from side to side in a ‘no’ gesture with great effort. Aislin could tell by the way his neck muscles strained.

“No,” Kalika screamed again.

Suddenly the nails shot forward towards the wall and the suspended boy. Suddenly released, Kalika fell forward and Aislin to her knees. There was a thump on the floor ahead of them.

Both looked up to see Abeni crumpled on the floor like a discarded doll. Taiwo let out a howl. He was indeed pinned to the wall but the nails had secured him there through his clothing. They were near his body but none had penetrated his skin.

“Check your sister,” Aislin told Kalika and then climbed up on the mirrored dresser.

With her bare hands, she tore his pajama tops and bottoms to free his body. He toppled on top of her, wearing only his underwear. Together they fell to the floor where they hugged one another tightly.

“She’s okay. This happened before so I know she’ll sleep it off,” Kalika reported. “I bet she won’t remember any of this.”

The muffled sound of the front door slamming reached them.

“Brian,” Aislin cried.

Still carrying Taiwo, she raced down the stairs. She looked in the living room. The television was on but Brian was not there.


“What’s wrong?” His voice came from the kitchen.

Whirling around, Aislin came face-to face with her husband holding a carton of ice cream and a bowl.

“Oh, Brian,” the relief in her voice made it quiver.

“Did you guys want some?”


Mary McCall said...

Good going. Hope doctor day goes well.

Unknown said...

Thanks! Hugs!