Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Day 18 of NANOWRIMO report and excerpt.

Okay, so I know this is posting on 11-19-2015 but the NANOWRIMO count is for the 18th. I just didn't finish until after midnight. I spent some time writing today that wasn't typing words on the page. If you're an author, you know what I mean. I had four books for research come in and spent time reading the first 60 pages of the first. It is for the Scarification story so it counts as writing, even though it won't add to my challenge word count. I'm reading Interview with an Exorcist by Fr. Jose AntonioFortea.

So when I did get to writing (after tonight's episode of Supernatural), I got in 1,906 words. That puts the running total up to 29,134. Grin.

Here's the excerpt from today's writing:
It was a long night at the hospital. It was cool in Abeni’s room so Amara made sure both she and the young girl had blankets. What they got looked well used and thin but were surprisingly warm.

The social worker put the television on until Abeni drifted off. Then she turned it to a music channel and lowered the volume. Just high enough to mask the unusual sounds drifting in from the hall from time to time.  She supposed they weren’t unusual for a hospital but certainly not something normally expected to hear at home. She didn’t want anything to disturb the girl. If what the other family members told her was even remotely true, they all had a stressful evening.

Amara watched Abeni sleep. Her face looked so sweet and serene. She couldn’t imagine seeing that face contorted in a fit of rage or worse, a seizure. Poor baby.

Closing her eyes, Amara prayed softly, “Lord, please watch over Abeni here. I know she wasn’t raised to know you but I was taught all little children belong with you and that you care for them. Please protect her and keep her safe. She deserves…”

“Shut up, bitch,” a man’s voice spat out.

Amara stopped praying and her eyes flew open. She looked around the room. Only she and Abeni were there in the room. The girl’s eyes were still closed while her chest rose and fell in slumber.

Amara rose to her feet and looked towards the half opened door. Not seeing anyone, she crossed the room in her bare feet and checked the hallway. She saw no one. Feeling silly, she turned and stooped to check under the bed. Nothing; she didn’t even see a dust bunny—a plus for the hospital cleaning staff.

The remainder of the night was quiet and Amara did eventually fall asleep in the recliner next to Abeni’s bed. 

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