Thursday, November 19, 2015

Day 19 of NANORIMO Less than 20,000 words to go! Also, today's excerpt.

The count for today is 1,842 words, which puts the total so far this month at 30,976. I did finish reading Interview with an Exorcist and posted a review on Goodreads before writing for today.

Here's the excerpt from today's writing:

“I believe a curse as a real thing is entirely possible. It’s not as direct as modern people may think where a person suddenly grows old or thin. However, a demonic presence can be directed to focus on a person, or a family in this case. We’ll find some of this out in the determination interview. Signs of a real obsession or possession will include elements we all can see.”

“Would you elaborate?” Amara asked.

“Certainly. If the demon is present, we should be able to force it to reveal itself. Physical attributes such as abnormal strength for a child, eyes rolling back in her head, speaking foreign or dead languages, causing objects to levitate,” Quinn explained.

“That sounds like Hoodoo or some kind of stage illusion.”

“That is something we will discover along the way. It can be very real or some great elaborate hoax.”
“Well, thank you for your time. I appreciate your candor and consideration. I will see you at the interview tomorrow then.”

Amara stood and held out her right hand to shake Father Quinn’s hand.

He accepted it but held on for a moment to gain her full attention. “Miss Byrd. You and I will help these children…one way or another.”

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