Saturday, November 21, 2015

Wow, day 21 of NANOWRIMO already! Here's today's word count and an excerpt.

I think I'm fighting off a cold. Yesterday I blew off writing to go to bed early. I slept 11 hours!  Today, though, I got in 2,715 so don't feel too bummed. That's got my running total at 33,691. I want to give a BIG thanks to my friend, Sally, for helping me brainstorm some word association game words. She also pointed me to some nice online references. Who says writers are alone when they write? Not this time!

Here's today's excerpt:

Once everyone was seated, Father Quinn addressed the older girl. “It is not imperative for you to be part of this unless you simply want to. I understand you are protective over your siblings and so wanted to offer the opportunity to stay.”

Kalika picked at the hem of her sweater as she said, “It’s more Taiwo that I watch over these days.”

“I understand. Still, the choice here is yours.”

Avoiding her sister’s frown, she answered, “I’ll stay.”

“What do you need from me?” Aislin asked.

“Just your prayers. Pray for Abeni and for me,” he said.

She nodded. “I can certainly do that. I’ve been praying for you both already.”

“Thank you,” was his reply.

“I have a question,” Abeni piped up.

The corner of Kalika’s eye twitched—something not missed by the adults in the room.

“Certainly, young lady,” Quinn said. “Tell us your question.”

“Just who are you praying to?”

“Abeni!” scolded Aislin.

“No, no…it’s fine. That is a very astute question,” Quinn said. He looked directly into Abeni’s face when he answered her. “I will pray to God, Our Father in Heaven. Each of us will pray to the almighty being to whom we revere and obey…whichever name we refer to him by.”

He then turned his gaze upon Aislin and Amara. “Belief and a solid faith is what’s important here. Doubt and fear are the things which are not allowed. Does that make sense?”

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