Thursday, November 5, 2015

Day Five NANOWRIMO Word Count and Excerpt

Okay, so I blew off day four. I was just plain tired. I did do some reading. Today is day five and I just logged in 1,638 words for the day. It's a few short of the daily goal but that's okay. It was a natural place for the scene to end.

Today's scene involves the father of the family. He's in jail, pending court time and gets visited by a demon.

The other oddity was that other sounds of the prison were silenced. That could mean only one thing. It was a demon speaking to him in his mind and not showing it’s physical form. This was good because it also meant none of the guards were possessed.  Yet, Pumbaa made himself add.

He took a deep breath and let it out as a sigh before speaking in a low voice. He knew not to answer back through his mind. To do so would open a window for the demon to cause havoc. Pumbaa went through his marking protection at the proper young age as was expected of him. However, a person could circumvent the protection by inviting the demonic in. Possession wasn’t possible because of his scarification; torment could still be a problem.

“Who speaks?” he asked.

“We have met before,” the voice said, sounding disappointed and hollow.

“Perhaps. Perhaps not. Tell me your name so that I may know,” Pumbaa said.

The demon laughed. “Why would I give you power over me? I think not.”

“Then leave me. I have no desire to converse with you.”

“If you wish. I will simply pose my question to your wife…or Abeni when I see her.”

“You leave my daughter alone. She is not your doll.” Pumbaa stood as he restrained his voice from rising with his anger. He glanced back over his shoulder at his cell mates to ensure his voice hadn’t disturbed them. Neither had moved so he turned away.

“Ah, so you will speak with me then.”

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