Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Day 3 NANOWRIMO Word Count and Excerpt

Today I wrote 2,049 words which gives a total so far of 5731 words in the 2015 NANOWRIMO challenge for Scarification. Today was an interview with a character on why he decided never to have children.

Here's an excerpt:
“Have you actually seen this curse in action?” Amara asked.

“Seen it? I have felt it; as has every member of my family. When the demon comes for you, you see it, feel its fetid breath on your neck, hear its taunting and cursing in your ear. It looks you in the eye with it’s glowing red pupils and sees into your soul. It knows your sins and tells them to you in great detail. It laughs at your shame and wallows in your regret. Then it looks over your body.”

“Why does it do that?”

“It searches for the way inside. A cut, a scrape—a way into your blood; if it finds none, then it moves to your mouth or nose where it enters through your saliva or other secretions.”

Amara leaned forward. “I don’t understand then. Why would creating a wound be a part of protection from this ‘demon’? Wouldn’t that just be an invitation to come in?”

A  sly look crossed Diambu’s face. “Yes, the burning or cutting draws the demon to the mark. When it approaches the symbol, it recognizes the ash beneath the skin and knows it cannot inhabit this body. It will rant and wail, sometimes throwing objects but it will leave eventually. It has to or be destroyed. It came for me on my tenth birthday. Every member of my family will tell you the same thing happened to them.”

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