Saturday, November 7, 2015

NANOWRIMO Day 7 and today's excerpt

Yesterday was a total loss because I ran around and wore myself out doing chores. Today I tried to make up for it and finished with 3,411 words for the day. That brings my total so far to 10,780. I guess that makes me one fifth of the way to the goal. Grin.

Here's today's excerpt. It deals with the mother during an interview:
“Did you have the scarification marking before your marriage to Pumbaa?”

“Yes and no,” Yemaya said. At Amara’s surprised expression, she continued, “I suppose I should explain. I did not have a need for it until we were married. As I became a member of the family, I became included in the Bankole curse. Therefore, we included the marking ritual at the beginning of our wedding ceremony.”

“Wow, that must be unique,” Amara commented with a smile.

“Unique is a good word to describe the Bankole family. I am proud to be included among them. I will also add that I was never forced to do this or coerced by anyone. I chose freely. Besides, where I lived as a child, such markings are common and considered beautiful—particularly among women.”

She lifted the sleeve of her shirt to reveal a well-healed scar shaped like a gazelle on her right biceps. “See? This is one I had done on my fourteenth birthday. It only stings for a couple of days but looks pretty for the rest of your life.”

“Please forgive me if I get too personal next. I want to ask about how you are doing. I know the stress of your children living with others has caused you to suffer.”

“Yes, it has. That is why I was enrolled in the hospital. The doctors there are helping me to work through the darkness on my heart.”

Yemaya leaned closer and whispered, “I tell you truthfully—no healer, no medication, nothing will help me until Taiwo and Abeni are protected. She has a marking but it is not complete.”

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