Saturday, July 20, 2013

30 Days of Corsets: Days 15 and 16

Today, I'm wearing a black brocade corset with a broom skirt. I like the brocade and velvet corsets much better than the satin ones. I don't like how the skirt in this photo makes my tummy look larger but that's just a product of the skirt design. I suspect if the corset were one of the long-lined ones I have, that problem would be alleviated by the longer torso portion of the corset. The skirt is comfortable and has lace along the hemline. I'm wearing my black Mary Janes (shoes).

This is one of the typical ways I wear my corsets daily. On hot days, I wear a cotton tank top like this for chest coverage and also to serve as the corset liner. I have several tank tops with embellishments on the neckline. This particular one has a lace applique just above the corset busk.

Tomorrow I'll show of a new corset I'm just beginning to break in. It is made from red satin.

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