Wednesday, July 17, 2013

30 Days of Corsets Day 14

Here I am wearing the green corset from Corset Punk. I got this one from them in June this year when the seller and I were both dealers at World Horror Convention in New Orleans. My husband bought this one for my birthday. In this photo, I'm wearing it out to my birthday dinner and a movie.

I'm wearing a black satin skirt with lace on the side panels and a tuxedo styled jacket with sheer sleeves. I picked up the jacket from the local thrift store. I can button it at the waist if I want.
I found green nail polish with gold glitter to match the corset and complete the look.

When I have a skirt on like this, I wear thigh-high hosiery and a garter belt. (Put the underwear over top of the garter belt.) This way I don't have to undo the corset to visit the ladies' room. It sounds like a pain but really isn't. I find it very convenient and comfortable.

By hosiery, I mean sheer stockings for going out and thigh-high socks for cooler days. I get the thigh-high socks from Sock Dreams. Here's a link if you want to see what I'm talking about.
For hot days, I skip the garter and wear short socks with flats or sandals.

It's a cute look, isn't it?

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