Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day One Corset Wearing

Today's my first day of full on wearing the steel boned waist-training corset. I may have bought one a little too large as it is laced tightly enough to force me to sit straight but the laced edges touch. That may be a good thing while I get used to it.  I definitely look curvier in it. It's amazing how rearranging the flab makes a difference. LOL!

Slouching and bending over are straight out. I can bend at the knees. Already my thighs are complaining about doing squats and my sense of balance needs practice. I feel like my shoulders are straighter as well. Part of slouching is bending your shoulders forward. I'm curious to see if this has any effect on my shoulder that's been hurting since April. The doctor told me back then it was like a sports injury and kept asking me if I were throwing baseballs. I think it's the way I hug my pillow at night. I get a death grip on it sometimes. After dental surgery back in the 1990's, I found out I clench my teeth when I sleep. My guess is they're related.

I've read how one of the reasons given for some to wear these types of corsets daily is a heightened sense of sexuality. I definitely feel more feminine in this thing. I already learned while wearing costuming how many motions considered lady-like by our modern society are things which came about because of clothing in the past. You don't bend over to pick up something while wearing a tri-hoop skirt unless you want the whole world behind you to see your behind!

One other interesting thing...just while typing this blog post, my spine has popped several times. It must be aligning itself. It definitely feels good.

My husband and I started on the Atkins diet today as well. I have a goal to lose five inches in my waist and a hundred pounds. That certainly qualifies as body modification in my book.


Karina Fabian said...

This is really interesting, Kim! I always enjoyed wearing corsets when cosplaying and like the support of a girdle, though it can feel like wearing ski boots all day. (With the similar relief when taking them off!) I was griping to my daughter that Ironman has a better curvy waistline than I do. Maybe I'll look into this. (It's my year for diet and exercise, too.)

Katie Cahill said...

Yes I get great relief and support out of wearing a girdle too, usually an 18-hour girdle by Playtex, the open-bottom type with suspender( garters) with stockings.

I love the constant hug it gives my backside and the way it holds me up and supports my belly.

There's nothing wrong with a good girdle!