Sunday, September 9, 2012

Week 1 Competed

Update on corset body modification project.

I’ve now slept in a corset for seven nights. Yep, that means I’m wearing them 24/7. I expected to have difficulty sleeping as mentioned in some of my research books on corset masochism. That hasn’t been the case for me. It takes me a few minutes to get comfortable but that’s normal and I’ve slept well.

 My back and shoulder have stopped hurting. I definitely prefer the corset to a bra. I get good support without the strain on my shoulder muscles. That’s released a lot of stress I normally get by the end of the day from the bra straps and breast weight. I used to ask my husband for back and shoulder rubs daily. I’ve only asked for one in the past week.

 I definitely look curvier. Weigh in and measure day was today. With the Atkins diet and the corset training, I’ve lost just over five pounds and two inches off of my waist. Now I’m measuring my natural waistline, without the corset. When I have the corset on and laced up, my waist is about an inch and a half smaller than that.

 I’ve decided to include two pics here. The first is from a couple of weeks ago from when I started the body modification project. I’m wearing a fashion corset that I barely got into. The second is from this morning. I’m wearing the silver/black steel boned waist training corset.

Before picture August 2012
Progess week 1 September 9, 2012

Problems I’ve encountered: 

I must squat to pick things up from the floor or pet the cats. My thighs are a bit sore. Once I squat down, I can tilt my torso forward. That will just take getting used to.

 Restroom breaks are sometimes challenging. Peeing is easy enough to wipe after but anything else requires removal of the corset. I’m learning to rehook the steel busk at the front by lying on the bed they way you might do to put on tight jeans.  Still it takes me a few minutes.

 I also apply baby powder before putting on a clean corset. It helps keeps the skin dry.

 Next post:

I’ll blog about a couple of humorous experiences I’ve had so far.


Mallory said...

my first comment seems to have disappeared -- delete one if it returns :)

My suggestion was to 'smile' in your next update shot and please center yourself on the door so you have the halo over your head again.

Just sayin...


J.Q. Rose said...

Thanks for the update. My daughter is a weight watcher leader. I am going to send this to her. I believe you are curvier in your corset. Do you have breathing problems when cinched into it? Good to hear it helps your shoulders and back. Yay for you. Keep up the good work!!

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CeliaBoop said...

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