Saturday, October 31, 2015

Cover and candle for Scarification (NANOWRIMO)

Tomorrow starts the big day...the first of the NANOWRIMO 2015 challenge. Wish me luck.
I am tempted to start at midnight but decided to enjoy Halloween and toast my husband and my wedding anniversary with a glass of wine instead.

I did show off the cover on Facebook. It's still a little dark but it's just for the challenge so I'm not too concerned. Here it is, in case you haven't seen it or are interested.

The deity/demon I've chosen is the deity of thunder and is often shown with a double-headed axe. No, he's not Thor but has some interesting similarities.

I also picked the candle/scent for this book. It's Sandalwood and Honey. I found a brass pot with designs pressed onto the sides, which remind me of Africa where my demon originates. I learned about fifteen years ago to use a specific candle/scent for each book I'm working on so my mind associates that scent with the story mood and theme. For me it does work to bring me back into the story fairly quickly. This one is sweet with woody undertones. That red binder in the background has all my research, images, plotting, character sheets, etc. I always print each day's writing to put in as well. It gives me a visual progress I like. :)

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