Thursday, October 29, 2015

Countdown to NANOWRIMO

The countdown to NANOWRIMO draws near so, like many of my writing peers, I'm doing the last minute preparations. If you're also doing this November challenge, you can buddy me:  KRichards

I haven't done this in many years, due to the publishing business. It's exciting to be preparing and researching. I have a cover. I have my soundtrack. I have plot points, a scene list of scenes to write, and character bios all ready. I have a few images of the demonic protagonist I found online. I won't share those here because I don't have the rights to publish them, even electronically. He's an African demon who has a few similarities to Thor. I have the basic timeline worked out as well.

Some elements of research have been into what exactly sends social workers into action against parents, rituals of scarification--both historically and in today's culture, and the exorcism rites in Judaism, Islamic, and Native American cultures. There's a lot of symbolism to incorporate which is something I like.

If you guessed this is a horror novel, you are correct. It's an idea I had a good five years back but never went beyond the brainstorming phase. I plan to report on progress as I go here and on my Facebook page. Whether or not I post excerpts regularly will depend on the other things going on daily. I must, first and foremost, fulfill my caregiver role. Otherwise the move and sale of the business would've been for naught. I'm not 100% confident I can get 50,000 words written, even with taking the laptop with me to hospital and doctors visits. I'm sure as hell going to try.

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