Sunday, July 7, 2013

30 Days of Corsets

I know I've missed about a week on this Thirty Days of Corsets. Chalk it up to other things going on in my life.
Here's the answers to a few of the questions posed for the challenge:
1) How often do you wear your corsets?
Answer:  I wear them daily. I often sleep in a waist training corset.

2) Preference:  busk, zipper, lacing or no front closure?
Answer. All of mine have a front busk with back lacing. I'm not interested in a zipper but will never say never. Corsets with no front closures are just too hard to get on and off.

Tomorrow I'll address making a corset myself and having a custom corset made.

Here's today's photo. (Yes, I'm not wearing makeup.) I talked about going to the next size down (32 inch waist). This is one of them. Although I've broken this one in, it's still adjusting to my body a little. If you look back at when I started last September, you can see a huge difference in my waistline. I am now seeing permanent changes even when not in a corset. I'm definitely in love with the way I feel and don't want to ever go back to a bra.

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sephera said...

Wow, look at you! That's fabulous!