Monday, July 8, 2013

30 Days of Corsets: Days 6,7, and 8

There's three questions I'm answering today as I catch up.
1) Who is my favorite corset maker?
Answer: I cannot say really. I've only purchased from two at this point:  Corset Story and Corset Punk. I like them both but have to give Corset Punk props in the customer service department.

2) Have I ever had a custom corset made for me?
Answer: No.  I would like to someday but not until I'm done waist training and losing weight. I have my eye on a couple of gorgeous ones so for now, they're incentive for me to keep going on the diet.

3) Have I ever made a corset for myself?
Oh, sure. I've made many costume corsets with plastic boning (and hated them). Right now I have three projects in various stages to make my own with steel busks and steel boning. Here's the photos:

The yellow cotton one is based on a more historical pattern. It has cups for the bust area. It's all cut out and I'm ready to begin sewing on it. The trim shown here I picked up in 2008 when we visited Germany for six weeks. I also have finished a skirt out of the same yellow fabric.

The burgundy velvet one I show laid out here. It has been cut out but I still need to cut out the coutil for the lining. I'm using left-over velvet from a costume I did last fall. It's a little thicker velvet since it's technically upholstry fabric. I expect it will wear well. The costume jacket I made from it is very comfortable.

The blue satin and lace is a project I haven't cut out yet. The baby blue satin and navy Italian lace are remainder fabric pieces from my wedding gown I made a few years back. I won't cut this one out until I've made the other two so I can see which pattern I like better and if there are any adjustments I want to make to the pattern. 

I will post photos of these three corsets whenever I get them completed.

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