Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Project: My Plans

Yesterday I talked a bit about what I've learned regarding body modification. Today, I want to reveal what I have in mind for myself. I may point out some extreme examples in tomorrow's post.

First, I want to make clear that I have no intention of doing anything to ruin my health. I know what to expect and when I should quit, if need be. I don't expect this to be a quick process, nor do I expect it to be a replacement for weight loss. I am combining this with exercise and a healther diet to ensure my health. I also guarantee that if I find I can't handle it, I will quit.

Often actresses appearing in historical movies comment that after months of wearing corsets on the set, that they've noticed their bodies have changed shape. A tightening of the waist line and straighter posture are two I've heard recently. Having worn costuming, I know full well how restrictive it can be.

I've always found it amusing how many things considered lady-like even today are something imposed on women by clothing of the past. Curtsying for example. It is a way to show respect without the breasts coming out of the neckline. It is also true that it can be an effective way to flirt if done correctly. Wink.

Now the corsets I have worn before are purely fashion--either part of a costume, lingerie, or evening wear. What I plan to do is modify my torso with corsets...particularly the waistline and posture.  At the present time, my waist is 46 inches (ouch, I know). I plan to reduce that by four to five inches before I am done. I have purchased waist training corsets created specifically for this purpose. They all have steel boning and are shaped to fit a woman. I will not be tightening them the full five inches at first. Let's start small...a half inch at a time.

While I wait for those to arrive, I am wearing my fashion corsets to get used to wearing one all the time. Previously I've only worn them for a few hours or a day at most. Because I wear a lot of loose fitting T-shirts, this means I am used to a bra but not having something close-fitting around the rest of my lower torso all the time. Just like when I first put on a bra in my early teens, it will take a few days to get used to it to the point where I won't notice.

So, what are some of the things I can expect from the waist training corsets? First is another round of getting used to them. There is the possiblity of lack of sleep the first few nights. I will be unable to eat large portions at a time. The thing doctor told me last April to eat less but more often. The trick will be to eat healthy things and eventually cover all the food groups throughout the day. I have the support of my husband in this, which is all important when it comes to food and health. I will

I may have sore back muscles for a few days as well since I'm a sloucher. I need to build up my back muscles and tighten stomach muscles as I do this. That's where exercise comes in.

If, at any time, I cannot catch my breath, feel chest pain, or experience serious heart burn then I'm done.

Well, that's it. My grand plans for body modification. Wish me luck and keep an eye out for pics later on.

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