Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Death Masks available at Fictionwise

Hi! I'm proud to announce that my thriller ebook, Death Masks, is released by Eternal Press. http://www.eternalpress.ca/

Bill Cristo takes up walking a per his doctor’s orders to lose weight and improve his health. While at the metro park, he witnesses an assault. The assailant turns on him and he wakes in the hospital with a nasty bump on his head, wondering why he isn’t dead.

The news reports nothing on any attack in the metro park but Bill can’t let it go...not when he realizes there are other young men missing from the same area. He digs up what he can on his own, drawing further attention from the murderer. Will he be able to figure out who the killer is before it reaches his live-in girlfriend?

“Shhh. Please listen.” Her words dropped to a trembling whisper.
“What’s wrong?”
“I’m scared.”
Bill hesitated a moment, thinking she might go on. “Bill?” She sounded so small and vulnerable. He immediately wanted to reach out through the phone and pull her close. He longed to make whatever it was better.
“I’m here, Hon. What’s going on?” He shut down his computer as he talked.
“Someone keeps calling me.” Once she started speaking, her words came fast and clipped. “At first he kept hanging up. No heavy breathing or anything so I decided it must be those kids next door.”
“He? How do you know it’s a guy?” Bill used one hand to hold the phone and the other to begin stuffing his things into his carry bag.
“Because…” Dampened, low sounds came over the phone.Oh God, she’s crying.
“Because I know what a man's voice sounds like. This last time, just a minute ago, he said I’m next.”
“Next for what?” As Bill said the words, he’d already guessed the answer. All the clues were in place, the footprints on the porch, the maniac figuring out Bill knew about him, and now the calls to Dix. He didn’t hear her answer.

It's also available at Fictionwise: http://www.fictionwise.com/eBooks/eBook66570.htm?cache
The video trailer is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lp2zpDNMfmMI'd love your feedback on the trailer. The music is from a band out of my hometown.

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