Sunday, January 7, 2018

Day Four of The Four Agreements: Become a White Magician

I have missed a post or so but have been mulling over the cards so far. Today's card comes under the Agreement, Be Impeccable with Your Word. Okay, I like the theme here but not sure going forward because the front of the card says: Become a White Magician. The image on the card's front is a blue woman with large blue eyes. A bird sits on her forehead and a stripes flow outward from her mouth. Given the card theme, I assume this indicates breathing or speaking. There is a waning half moon in the background and stars of differing styles all over the place. The bubble shapes along the bottom remind me of stylized clouds.

The back of the card says 'All the magic you possess is based on your word, and you cast spells all the time with your opinions. You can either put a spell on someone with your word, or you can release someone from a spell.'

I'll be honest that I'm not a fan of this card. I don't consider myself any kind of magic user be it a magician, wizard, or witch. It's hard for me to think of casting spells when I'm skeptical of their existence in the first place. I do believe in miracles though. Perhaps for me this card means miracles or truths.

I get what the message is really. What you say impacts others positively or negatively. You can brighten someone's day or relieve loneliness by talking with them. You can cause them pain with harsh words or accusations. You can release guilt or anger with an apology and forgiveness requires a conversation to be fully complete. Love is often described as putting someone under a spell in love songs. That's just a way of expressing the happiness of bringing two people together.

Words can take away things and destroy lives as in legal documents or slanderous remarks. Bullying is a destroyer of lives--both online and off. Words can be warm and loving in the form of thank you cards and long letters. Heck a phone call to someone does so much for them--a thousand times more than a text. Not when you want something or it's expected like on a holiday. Just a call to ask, 'How are you?'; say 'I miss you."; or 'Thank you."

Say, that reminds me. I haven't talked to my aunt in over a week. Where's my phone?

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