Monday, November 23, 2015

Day 23 of NANOWRIMO. 40,000 words surpassed! Excerpt included.

It was a good writing day. I split it up again so maybe that's a better plan for me. I'm concerned there isn't enough action lately so hope to focus on a few of those scenes next. Yeah, I know there will be revision time later but you know writers...always looking for what's needed to make the story flow and be interesting.

My daily count came in at 3,011 which gives me a running total of 40,028. I'm excited. Grin.

Here is today's excerpt:
Amara interrupted, “There are some situations which cannot be fixed and some wounds which cannot or should not be healed. In cases of physical abuse like this, the children’s lives are at risk.”

“That’s one beautiful thing about God. No one is above redemption. Anyone, who truly wishes it, can be redeemed. It doesn’t matter the depth of their depravity, or their sins. The key is for them to see and understand their wrongs and truly repent of them.”

“That would require never doing it again. I can’t risk that on any child’s life.” Amara straightened her back. “Please forgive my bluntness but this is not the time for sermons. Praying for them won’t fix anything.”

“Ah, but there you are incorrect,” the priest said, punctuating his point by jabbing his right index finger on the desktop. “As I mentioned before, the blessings of her sister brought Abeni discomfort. The demon could no longer hide itself. Prayer may be the only way to save her.”

Just then Amara remembered something:  shortly after Kalika started praying the family blessing, she silently prayed a similar blessing prayer from her ancestors. Suddenly she wondered how far back that prayer actually came from. She knew her family history went back to a tobacco plantation in Virginia. They were slaves captured originally in…Africa.

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