Monday, August 31, 2009

Damnation Books' Grand opening!

We are SO excited. At Midnight tonight, Pacific time, our new publishing house goes live. William built the webpage and I did the book side of things. It's been hard, fun work and worth every minute spent on it, every penny. I wish I could say we should've done this sooner but the timing was right for everything.

I'd like to personally invite you to check us out. We're trying a pricing model called Variable Pricing. It's not new--some music sites use it--but I believe we are the first to apply it to books. It means the earlier you shop, the more you save.

End of shameless self-promotion...I do want to know what you think of Damnation Books. A lot of people have called us ambitious. I suppose they're right. I forget who said, "when you dream, dream big." At this point, I agree.

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Dawn Wilson said...

i agree, too. I do like the web site design. It's awesome! Congrats on making this dream come true. Hope to do the same someday.