Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First ebooks and now digital!

A lot of readers and writers are waiting for the smoke to clear on the battlefronts of ebook reader affordability and cross-reader format compatability. Whether it's a stall tactic to jump on the ebook trail or real market place concerns, sales of both readers and ebooks are expected to soar higher than ever once those issues work themselves out. Ebook sales are already climbing as print sales drop.

Now it seems the war for the eyes of story lovers has expanded to the digital market place as well. Today's article in the Publishing Perspectives reviews and compares the new Palm competiton to Apple's iphone.
Just this week the latest iphone was released and the price of the former best phone dropped to $99.00. Hey, that's getting affordable quick.

So, what's this phone business got to do with reading? Just that digital books are already available for purchase and viewing on iphones, Smartphones, Blackberries and now the Palm. I hear the paper traditionalists groaning already. All this technology is exciting but it in no way expects anyone to give up their paperbacks or hardcovers. Instead it is offering reading to younger generations. It's taking books to where the readers are and THAT's exciting news!

We're in the throes of reading evolution. Digital is new and fresh. How often have concerns been voiced over the lack of youth reading? They their own way, on their own terms. It may not be your preferred way of devouring those books but I say, "Let them read!"


Kevin_H said...

I think you had some good points in this post, especially the conclusion.

There's a bit of speculation that the comic book industry, may be going toward a similar route.

Unknown said...

Yep. At Damnation Books, we're looking to do just that with comics too.

Geo said...

i myself tend to be drawn towards the old ways but iam always open to the ways of the new.