Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just two weeks until my first workshop--on Celtic Magic

There's still room. The class is based upon the research I did for a chapter in an upcoming book on writing fantasy magic. My chapter is about--Celtic magic. I will share it with my students. I learned a lot I'd like to pass on to you.

April 12 - 18 Class # 1 - Celtic Magic Workshop
Registration Fee: $35.00Registration Fee for WRDF Members: $25.00

Every writer wants to ‘get it right’ with respect to cultures and background. Weaving Authentic Celtic Magic is an academic view of the Celtic culture, with respect to its practical applications of magic in Celtic life. We’ll be touching on basics for magic in any story; power words, names and songs; spells, runes, tattooing and numerology; and the deities with the colors and symbols related to them plus their realms of influence.
SEATING IS LIMITED FOR ALL CLASSES. REGISTER EARLY. The class will be presented via an email group.

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