Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I'm back from EPICon and, admittedly, a bit disappointed that Death Masks didn't win an EPPIE. I've yet to recieve a bad review on it. But that is life. This is the book an agent laid out for me why she couldn't sell it so I came home and reworked it. It's also the one I wrote as horror; it got released as thriller. Many people claimed it's a thriller because it's about a serial murderer and there's no supernatural element in it. However the reviewers have for the most part called it horror. Sigh. I still have hope for the book's recognition in the Dream Realm Awards. It's been submitted. We'll see.

Because I was at EPICon, also representing Eternal Press, I was only able to sit in on two workshops. Both were great. I will definitely be restructuring this blog based on some of that advice.

The weekend was fun. I put faces to some internet names and everyone was kind to me. I got my first try at gambling. Eh, I would have rather spent the money on books. ;)

If you write and you've never been to a conference, I highly recommend that you do. I always come home inspired to write.

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