Thursday, September 11, 2008

Aching a little

Forgive my cross posting. I don't like doing it but feel this is important enough.

Yesterday I went with my fiance and we volunteered for a United Way work day. After eight hours of sweeping, digging, planting, shoveling, and all kinds of miscellaneous chores, I can barely move. Definitely a reminder of how much exercise I don't get. But it's a good sore because those things are worth the time and effort.

As a writer, I got all kinds of character fodder from people-watching and working along side the other workers. It's not why I went but hey, anytime I come home with something as well just makes the day rock all the more.

I'm not posting about this to pat myself on the back or give myself kudos. I post because I want to recommend this to everyone. It costs you a day of your time and some physical exertion but the benefits to the community last much longer than that. Don't leave me 'cool' comments...just go volunteer.

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