Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Virtual Book Tour and Jury Duty

Today we have a short break in the virtual book tour. You can still check out Lea Schizas post on The Writng Jungle. Here's the link: http://thewritingjungle.blogspot.com/2008/06/interview-with-kim-richards-author-of.html

Tomorrow Billie A. Williams is hosting the tour. Her blog is at: http://printedwords.blogspot.com

The latest news on the homefront is I've been summoned for jury duty. The last time I did it, I was twenty-one. I do consider it a duty and don't mind doing it. We had a trip to New Mexico planned then so I guess that will get put off. Yeah, I know I could ask for a postponement but why? I don't have any emergency situation to deal with and really, it's a minor inconvenience to reschedule the trip. I'll leave the postponements to the people who need them.

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