Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Book Tour dates and blog stops announced.

Virtual Book Tour for Kim Richards June 9th through June 30th, 2008.

If you've never done a book tour before, this is how it works: on the date listed, visit the corresponding blog where you'll find reviews, interviews, information regarding Kim's thriller, Death Masks. We will also be promoting the anthology containing Kim's story, Dragonfruit, called Firestorm of Dragons.

Whenever you visit a blog, be sure and leave a comment. For each comment, your name is put into a weekly drawing for prizes such as pdf copies of either book, tshirts, music from the band, Children of a Lesser God (who provided the music for the Death Masks video book trailer) and more.

Kim will be visiting the blogs so feel free to ask any questions you may have. It's all about having fun and talking about books. Consider yourself invited!

Date Name Blog address for tour visit (in bold) Web address

June 9, 2008 Sandy Lender www.todaythedragonwins.blogspot.com

June 10, 2008 Ginger Simpson http://mizging.blogspot.com
June 13, 2008 Mike Philbin http://mikephilbin.blogspot.com/
June 15, 2008 Heidi Martinuzzi w/Pretty Scary www.prettyscary.net

June 16, 2008 Lea Shizas http://thewritingjungle.blogspot.com/
June 18, 2008 Billie A. Williams http://printedwords.blogspot.com/
June 19, 2008 Eternal Press Blog http://eternalpressauthors.blogspot.com/
June 20, 2008 Lisa Haselton
June 23, 2008 Pamela K. Kinney http://PamelaKKinney.blogspot.com
June 24 2008 Diana Castilleja http://dianacastilleja.blogspot.com
June 25, 2008 Val Griswold-Ford http://www.vg-ford.com/blog.html
June 26& 27, 2008 Joyce Anthony http://joyceanthony.tripod.com

June 28, 2008 Glenn Walker www.monsura.blogspot.com
June 29, 2008 Sheri McGathy http://sherimcgathy.com/sheri/content/blog/
June 30, 2008 Arwen Spencer http://labingi.livejournal.com/

Other places promoting the book tour. Please patronize them for their kindness.
Jordan Dane http://www.jordandane.com
Kathy Ptacek @ Gila Queen http://gilaqueen.us/
Starmerrow http://community.livejournal.com/starmerrow/
Karina Fabian www.fabianspace.com
WritersChatroom www.writerschatroom.com
Carolyn Howard-Johnson www.thenewbookreview.blogspot.com.

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Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

That is quite a list, Kim. The thing is, that if readers and writers follow some of these links they're sure to find information, books and friendships they didn't expect. Thank you for your great tour concept.
Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Award-winning author of the HowToDoItFrugally series of books for writers, fiction and poetry