Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Glasses, working and sunshine

I finally have my new glasses on. What a difference! I broke the frames of the old one over Christmas. It surprised me to find out the prescription changed after only two years. No more headache either.

My review edits for My Shelf.com are in; so is the editing job for EP. Today I finished the last requested revisions from Eternal Press on Death Masks and sent those in. Tomorrow I'll work on the revisions requested for my story for Pretty-Scary. Sometimes it feels like you work and work, getting nowhere; then boom! You start finishing projects left and right. That's me this week with sewing and writing. It does feel good.

We have sunshine. YAY! Shemay and I spent a couple of hours outside. He chased neighbor cats and thought he was hunting a squirrel. I did some yard work and enjoyed a cup of coffee. We're both pretty content about now.

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