Monday, January 28, 2008

Small Town Secrets Book Review

Small Town Secrets
by Billie A. Williams
Wings ePress Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-59705-283-2
297 pages
January 2008

Who ever said small town life is quiet and boring? Not so in Nettlesville. It's a town with the positive side of small towns such as community support in times of need and strangers easily standing out. It's also typical in that everyone knows everyone else's business--where news gets home before you do. And everyone wears many hats.

Take Chaneeta Morgan Bailey. This woman is a vounteer firewoman, the owner of one of the few cafes in town, landlady and newly elected Town Chairperson. So who is out to ruin her town and why?

Small Town Secrets takes you along with Chaneeta as she tries to find out; through three arsons, graffiti, stolen money, poisoning, kidnapping and a suicide attempt. Think that's bad? Add to the mix a stroke, a heart attack, a bear mauling, a botched abortion and a past Chaneeta really didn't want dredged up. Talk about a whirlwind that would put any big city to shame!

This is a fun book with bits of humor throughout and strong characters. Just when Chaneeta says, "Now what?" you're thinking the same thing. Join her to find out what happens as she becomes more involved than she ever dreamed.
Today I'm sharing a book review of Small Town Secrets by Billie A. Williams. It just came out this month.Tomorrow I'll be interviewing her for your pleasure. If you have any questions you'd like to ask her, just comment here. Additionally, if you comment and leave an email addy, Billie will add you to a drawing for one of the following great prizes:
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